Hello World! Welcome to our travel site :)

Here we will share with you our photos and adventures from our African adventure,
driving our trusty Rusty where no other 2WD cars ever dare to venture 🙂

This map presents the route along which we were planning to drive across Africa. We set off from Edinburgh (Scotland) where for over five years we had been living, working and studying,  hoping to cross Africa from top to bottom along it’s east coast in 6 moths & 30 000km. The route we actually took contains many, maaaaany more zig-zacs, as we have visited 4 more countries and many more places than anticipated, covering an ADDITIONAL 10 000km in 3 more months.   All this without any sponsorship, grants, media coverage or any outside support of any sort, except the kindness and hospitality of people that we’d meet on our way.


Our vehicle of choice is as unusual, as the whole idea of crossing one of the most inhospitable, wild and complicated continents, independently, unaided and by car.

Let us introduce Rusty to you: He is a 17 year old, 2 wheel drive Mercedes Sprinter ex-builder’s van who’s name was chosen for a very good reason… He is proudly ginger!
and he only cost us  GBP500 to buy… 🙂

For more info about Rusty please follow: https://routesoftheworld.wordpress.com/2012/06/13/history-of-the-van-2/

Charlie, Ada & Rusty

Charlie, Ada & Rusty

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