Hello everyone and welcome to our travel blog:) Here, we are going to keep you updated about our Africa Overland Trip, share with you our photos and adventures:)

FIRSTLY THERE WAS AN IDEA….. Why we decided to drive by van to Africa??

– Well, two and half years ago we decided to go by normal car to Morocco in aid of Eve Branson Foundation. We had only one month for that expedition and the furthest we were able to  drive was Dakhla in Western Sahara. Nevertheless, it was so not enough for us. We were so upset that we couldn’t drive further toward Africa. On the day when we had to turn around and drive home, we decided that we definitely come back  here (and also by car) as it is one of the most exotic continents to explore. Also, my precious friend Tom and other amazing people we know from Africa, convinced us that this continent is worth to see.  🙂 Why by own car?– well, two reasons – First one: we love that kind of trips and second one: in our opinion,  driving  gives you more fun, freedom and opportunity to explore. What”s more, both of us graduated last year and ours degrees are connected with tourism, so, heck, why not experience tourism first hand?? :D

This map presents the route along which we are planning to drive across Africa. We have started from Edinburgh, where we had been living for over five years – Greetings and lots of hugs to our lovely friedns from there, miss you all!! On our way, we had a “quite” long stop in Poland, where were spending time with our families and amazing friends (miss you guys already) and of course we were preparing ourself for that trip:)

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8 thoughts on “IDEA

  1. Krol Julian


  2. martasi

    an amazing plan,can’t wait for more posts and your pics from Africa. Love ang hugs, will be in touch!

  3. mjmcgowan

    Hi Guys it would be great to add your site to OverlandSphere, just let us know or register directly on the site.

    Safe Travels

    Martin & Nicole

    • Hi Martin & Nicole,

      we’ll be more than happy to join your website – which we already did on the facebook fanpage – so please add us 🙂

  4. stesi

    happy trails!!!

  5. Kasia Mielczarska, Kabaty Village, PL

    Guys, I think I’ve read e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g on your blog!!!:)) So amazing, I feel like I’ve just come back from Africa myself! My biggest favourite is so far Ethiopia, I would just so much love to go there once, looks completely different than what I’ve ever thought. Looking forward to see posts on Kenya!!!

    • Really glad you enjoyed travelling with us 🙂 it makes us happy when reading the blog and seeing photos of the places we’ve been to, people we’ve met, makes people feel like they experienced it all with us 🙂

  6. Stefan

    Hi there,

    Sorry to leave a comment but I couldn’t find your email. I will be starting an African adventure from Malawi where I am teaching until the end of January. So I am interested in buying a car. Will yours be for sale after your trip?

    If so or if you will be in Salima, Malawi looking for a host contact me on



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