Cappadocia – The lunar land!

Cappadocia – the land of lunar landscapes and surreal scenery full of ancient churches and cave dwellings, which is situated deep in the heart of Turkey. Cappadocia consists of soft volcanic tuff that has been sculpted over million years into incredible shapes by water and erosion. The result of this amazing geological process is fascinating: huge stone mushrooms called “chimney mushrooms” by local people, soft ridges and deep valleys, acute edges and mild undulations.  Early Christians carved chambers and labyrinths into those chimneys and use them as homes, stables and chimneys .During our “lunar” trip, we had an opportunity to explore Cappadocia upside down by visiting one of those underground cities called Kirkgoz. It was a nice a cool experience – and “cool” here has two meanings as firstly, being underground when above is over 30 degrees of Celcius was such a relief and secondly those underground  labyrinths and chambers gave us a feeling of being in the Flintstone World. (Unfortunately, our photos are very blurred, so we have unloaded only one from that site).

In Cappadocia, in overall we spent 3 days – driving around different towns and admiring various shapes of rocky sculptures.  This land is very diverse as every few kilometers landscapes were changing. It looked more like a trip from the Moon to the Mars as rocks were getting more pink and red)

On the last day whilst we were walking through one of those lunar valleys– we met very nice Turkish people, who were working in the field. As they had a break, they invited us for a cup of tea. Again – in order to communicate we needed to use English, some French and Turkish, but the best way to keep conversation was as always sign language. We were contributing in preparing tea and also one of our new friends showed us how to help tomatoes grow properly. At the end, we were invited for a nice Turkish coffee and some apricots (plenty of apricots trees – sort of wild-growing in that ares– good timing for us). The coffee and fruits were served inside the shelter, which was excavated in the rock by Mother Nature, of course and improved by our Turkish friends as they installed door and glassy windows…Nice and cool place for lunch time, heh:)

In general, it seems that Cappadocia is properly used by Turkish people living in this region. For instance, in main towns such as Goreme or Urgup rocky labyrinths and chambers are used as hotels or restaurants.

A little bit “balloon” map of Cappadocia



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