Hello Turkey

We entered Turkey at Ipsala border gate (west of Keşan, east of Alexandroupolis) from Greece. It was a little bit longer border than Europeans ones as we needed to get visas and International Insurance Card (Green Card) for Rusty


Turkish visas for Polish Citizens – 15 Euro/person

International Insurance Card (Green Card) – 35 Euro/1 month

Before we even got to the officials we had “ups” moment going through first gate. The person who was operating a barrier let us in, but suddenly in front of us big spikes jumped out from little road. We stopped and caused a huge car queue behind us. People started yelling something and hand showing us kind of “move yourself” as there was no space to bypass our Rusty…Nobody told us that when you were approaching those spikes they were going down…We didn’t know that, but somehow one guy encouraged us to drive through – so we had to trust him and we did it with almost closed eyes and with feeling of hearing big bang!!!….but in some mysterious magical way spikes disappeared as we drove on to them and we didn’t damage any tyres!!!! YEY!!

ISTANBUL or CANAKKALE? Decisions, Decisions….

There are two options of crossing boundary between Europe and Asia in Turkey. First one is through The Bosporus Strait with an opportunity of visiting Istanbul, and second one through The Dardanelles Strait with a chance of sightseeing fantastic historic sites, including the ruins of Troy, Ephesus and Pergamum. We had chosen ancient history trail, through Aegean Coast and Canakkale.

We took Eceabat–Çanakkale ferry line and paid 2 Turkish Lira for passenger and 20 Turkish Lira for car (Around 10-12 USD for everything)


Price of diesel is shocking and the most expensive in the World and equals around 2.20 USD/liter. Unfortunately, being smart and filling additional few fuel containers in previous countries is not recommended as if they notice at the border that you have more diesel than one container you will be asked for pouring your fuel out…

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