Our route – Turkey

Hello Everyone,

There is a map of our route we took in Turkey posted above

We really enjoyed Turkey and we would like to write in some points our general thoughts about this country, people, culture and etc…

  • We were expecting lots of touts, but in general people are amazing, very friendly and hospitable.
  • Roads are actually good, however sometime we needed to drive long distances on still really sticky and hot tar/bitumen roads (on which you were feeling like you were driving on chewing gum!) – not good for tyres at all.
  • Drivers in general are good
  • Fuel is extremely  expensive
  • Even though in Turkey 99% people profess Islam – we observed a lot of influences from Western culture. For example:DRESS CODE- Both genders are supposed to wear Hijab as the requirement for modesty and being evaluated for intelligence and skills instead of looks and sexuality. However, nowadays lots of Turkish people don’t wear Hijab very often, their cloths are more in Western style, but they cover themselves in a proper way and they still look modest.
  • Unfortunately, the further from the tourist sites, the more rubbish is in on the streets, cities or at the coast.
  • Really good food – well, no wonder as Turkey is the place where Kebab was born:) plus there are amazing ice-creams.
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