Aswan and our amazing Nubian home

Aswan is southernmost city in Egypt, which sits on the banks of particularly beautiful stretch of the Nile. The river here, has dark blue waters and it is decorated with dense palm -fringed islands and flotillas of white sailed feluccas. Behind the Nile, gentle hills of sand rise creating incredible landscape.  Aswan is associated with the Nubian people, a distinct ethnic group with their own language and customs. Lots of travellers claim that this town has more African character than the cities in the north.

When we arrived to Aswan, we sort of knew where to drive. We have read about  a Camping, which was especially designed for overlanders. Plus our GPS suggested this place a first position. This Campsite is called ADAM HOME and it was our peaceful home for 2 weeks as that amount of time we had to stay in Aswan (without any choice), before we got to Sudan. Why we needed to stay in Aswan that long?  You will read about that in next posts🙂

Regarding ADAM HOME – This place is run by very friendly Nubian guy – Sammy, who is also known as a Egyptian Eddie Murphy (see photo). Staying it that place was a seriously different  in comparison what we had already experienced in Egypt. We could rest there in tranquil atmosphere. When we arrived, Charlie was still really sick and all he needed was just to lie down. He was negotiating price for a room lying on the little stone wall in front of the Campsite. Because there was no way to get Rusty inside the camping (really high thresholds),  we got offered to take one of the little mudbrick rooms, for which we were finally paying  40 EP/night. The guy we were discussing price with, knew English very well and he was one of the nicest people we have ever met in Egypt. His name was Mohamed, he was Sammy’s cousin, and his help in Aswan was invaluable (it would be more extended in next posts).

Nubians are amazing people – we had this opportunity to experience a proper Nubian hospitality. We were told many times by Sammy or Mohamed :Please, feel like homeor This is your Nubian home. It was so, so nice to hear words like those. Adam Home provides camping facilities and we  were also told to use kitchen/ cooker/ fridge whenever we had a need. It was so nice of them and to us it was kind of salvation – especially fridge as finally we could drink something colder than the outside temperature, which sometimes was reaching 50°C degrees.

During the day, the place was rather empty . Firstly, because our Nubians were at work and secondly we were only overlanders/people at Adam Home. Nevertheless, we didn’t feel very lonely. Time to time, during the evenings, we were being invited for an amazing Nubian tea in the company  of Mohamed, Sammy and their friends and we were chatting. We have learnt something more about their culture and also we were told that they don’t like when people call them Egyptians as they are the Nubians .

From my observation it seems that the Nile divides Aswan into two parts. Driving from Luxor – on the right bank the Nubians’ villages are settled, while the left bank is more Egyptian. Most of the travellers stay on the left side of the river as there is more hotels, shops and restaurants. Nevertheless, tourists can take a boat/ felucca and ride on the Nubian side. Adam Home is an example of really beautiful and colourful Nubian House. Once, we had a really funny situation –  when we were cooking, a guide with bunch of tourists came to Adam Home. I think everybody got confused seeing each other, but when the guy started talking about Nubian’s traditions and customs, his sightseers started taking photos of the place and us…! Well, we didn’t mind, however I don’t think that we were very exciting to them as we looked very similar🙂

Exploring the right side of the Nile river, we also had opportunity to visit different Nubians homes. People were very nice and welcoming. Once we even got invited for a tea by an adorable lady. When they were offering their tourism services (felucca ride or being a guide in a temple), they actually never were pushy or aggressive. Me and Charlie really liked the colourful style of Nubians’ houses.

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