Quick sprint around “the Valley of the Kings”

The West Bank of Luxor was the necropolis of ancient Thebes, a vast city of the dead where magnificent temples were raised to honor the cults of Pharaohs entombed in nearby cliffs and where queens, nobles, priests and artisans had tombs built with spectacular design (Lonely Planet, 2006). Many people call the whole area the Valley of the Kings, but the area is much more than that, the valley is only small part of the site.

Due to the fact that Charlie was sick we didn’t visit much over there. We saw the famous Temple of Hatshepsut, but only outside. We took only one photo (as taking photos of temples without paying is forbidden – even outside). When we went for a second to the Ticket Office just to use toilets (not to buy a ticket), guards were watching us whether we were talking photos or not.

We decided to explore only one temple called Esana Temple. We paid only 15 EP/person and we got our private guide. I am not quite convinced whether we really saw the Esana Temple, but the site we were exploring was interesting.  The guide was actually nice and funny. Maybe he a little bit overdid with acting, but still we got a private tour🙂 . What I mean by acting is that, when he was talking story connected with that Temple, he was adding comments such as:

-“ There is Mummy, so we need to be quite, because we not allowed to be here, I am just doing you a favor” or  “we need to bend, because they will see us” or “no photo here, but you can take I will watch if somebody follows us”

Well, it was a sort of a show, but still interesting adventure. At the end our guide asked us for some baksheesh. We paid him some monies  – We never agreed the price at the beginning, but he did a good job.

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