Luxor’s Temples

We have decided to visit two main Temples in Luxor. First one was Karnak, formally known as Temples of Karnak.  It is a spectacular complex of sanctuaries, kiosks, pylons and obelisks, dedicated to the Theban gods and the greater glory of Egypt’s pharaohs. We paid 35 EP/ person (price based on student ID)

Luxor Temple – We paid 25 EP/ person (price based on student ID). It was built on the site of an older sanctuary dedicated to Theban triad and it’s absolutely graceful piece of architecture close to the Nile.

When we saw that Temple for a first time; it was backlit beautifully in the dark. We decided to visit that place during the late evening (Yeah, it was open to late hours) and feel that magical, ancient vibe. We bought tickets, and before we went to see the main part of the site we had walked around Sphinx’s Avenue. When we were getting closer to the first pharaohs’ sculptures, first guide came and started talking and talking and convincing us that taking a guide in that site is necessary. He showed us his ID and said that he was professional guide, who would tell us the whole history of Luxor Temple. We didn’t want a guide as we wanted to explore that site on our own. We were politely refusing his services for more than 10 minutes. Finally, he understood, that we really didn’t want a guide and he walked away saying: “If you change your mind, please ask for me”. When he was gone, another intrusive guide came and started his spiel – and it started all over again. He said that he was the only professional guide around the place as he finished historical studies and he would be very happy to tell us stories connected with that ancient temple.  For more than another 10 minutes we were trying to explain that we didn’t need anybody to walk with us, as we wanted to discover Luxor Temple by ourselves. In the end the guide left us reluctantly, leaving us his business card. After 30 minutes we finally thought that we could go alone to explore the site, but the first guy came back offering his services again. He saw when we were chatting with his competitor and I guess felt jealous. Politely, but firmly we refused him as a guide. This time he left us his phone number and said: “Remember, I was talked to you first!”.  So we wasted more than half an hour just on getting rid of unwanted guides, but walking on our own was very worth it. No other people, no tourists. We felt the spirit of that place. It was like back in time to ancient time. Discovering that Luxor Temple after dusk is highly recommended!

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