A Miracle in Hurgada

The highway we took was quite nice a straight way, in good condition through the desert. However, we were surprised with the amount of crashed cars.  Every 5 or 10 km we saw smashed / overturned/burnt out vehicle. We even were over taken by an ambulance, which we later saw it attending to a crashed side. We supposed that one of the reasons of those car accidents was the heat and the second  – because of Ramadan drivers didn’t drink, they were fainting.

We finally end up in Hurgada. To be honest there is not much to write about it. The coast in this part of Egypt in comparison to Sinai Peninsula is boring and underwater life is not that rich. The reason why we came there was just to rest, relax and hide somewhere…We were fed up with everything. We booked really cheap hotel with air con and spent almost 3 days inside. Charlie once decided to just eat something out. He didn’t find any good restaurants but luckily he found a garage, where they were changing windscreens. Believe or not , but they had just one example of the front glass exactly for Mercedes Benz Sprinter, for Rusty. One guy said that it was like destiny as that windscreen had been gathering a dust and waiting for us 2 or 3 years. We were extremely lucky…went to the first town and found the thing, which was really needed.

The guys worked very hard and actually in few hours they did a good job. Charlie needed to lend them some silicon as they were running out of it. And also sometimes it was pretty scary to observe how two 12 years old boys were holding and helping to put a new windshield on its place. We paid for windscreen and the service over 910 Egyptian Pounds so around 150 USD. Well, it was fair enough price and for sure much safer to drive further.

When we were leaving Hurgada we wanted to fuel up, however diesel were not that available. We finally found one petrol station with diesel…nevertheless we needed to wait in a sort of log queue…

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