Sinai Peninsula – Sharm and Dahab

Sinai is a beautiful region of stunning desert and rich marine environments, wedged between Africa and Asia. It is called an intercontinental crossroads – prophets, nomads, exiles and conquerors have all left their footprints here. Due to unique location, Sinai has been a place of refuge, conflict and curiosity for thousand years.

 After 5 days spent at the border, being on the road again was like a real salvation. It was really hot and Ramadan just started, but we were really happy that we got out from the Nuweiba Harbor. We were driving mostly along the coast enjoying views of turquoise waters of the Red Sea. We noticed lots of campsites; however all of them looked abandoned. We realized that due to terrorist attacks, which were held in recent years, tourism in Sinai is rather limited. We were feeling like we were only people in that place till we drove into cities like Sharm el-Sheikh or Dahab. Sharm el-Sheikh is Sinai’s largest and most famous resort destination, no wonder that we founded similar to Las Vegas (It was a first place in Egypt, where we saw Sphinx and Pyramids 🙂 ). However, the amount of hotels, resorts, swimming pools, shopping malls, Western style food, were NOT the things we were looking for, therefore in Sharm we did only small shopping and we drove towards Dahab. In our opinion  Dahab is more like low-key resort town and constitutes a  perfect place for active tourists/travelers. We also discovered a beautiful lagoon nearby, which was a proper paradise for windsurfers (Blue-turquoise shallow water and wind).

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