Pyramids of Meroe and amazing camping

Meroe is an ancient city on the east bank of the Nile. The site is marked by more than two hundred pyramids. Additionally, they are identified as Nubian Pyramids because of their distinctive size and proportions. That beautiful place was also our camping spot for the night. Our British friends came there firstly and they texted us  GPS Cordinations. We parked behind the hill in front of Pyramids and we got surprised – except Terri’s and Johnny’s car, there was another one…It was amazing Polish married couple with their son driving from Cape Town to Poland in self-converted Toyota. It was surprising and so great to hear someone speaking our language:) . Polish family invited us for a tea and of course for a chatting. Unfortunately, I was feeling horrible – got another dehydration and instead of enjoying lovely company I was on the car trying to get better. Charlie, Terri and Johnny took the Polish family’s invitation up, however they didn’t drink  normal tea, it was a very special tea sample taken from Poland, which was kept for special occasion.  Our new friends took something traditional from home in order to share polish taste with others, but they never expected to meet overlanders from Poland (especially that they were almost at the end of their trip), therefore it was perfect occasion and additionally we were surrounded by beautiful scenery . Nice time spent on chatting, on telling stories and adventures was interrupted by strong wind and sand storm. It was a real sand storm, I till that moment, saw only on Discovery Channels or some movies.  In the morning were woken up by some small kids, who were trying to sell some small souvenirs, and camels’ burping and yelling.

After breakfast, Kasia, Jacek and Konrad gave us some useful info about campsites, attractions and roads in African Countries they have already been and we said good bye to each other and we were back on the road again…towards the capital of Sudan – Khartoum

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