Wild campings and Nubian Pyramids near Karima

Being back on the road again was really great. It was very hot though and instead of nice cool wind we experienced a breath of really hot air  –  like from a heater or oven!.  The road we took was freshly built by Chinese. It was in perfect condition – smooth tarmac, almost no cars and many kilometres through the desert. (That road didn’t exist in Garmin GPS, but maybe maps have been updated by now).

We were driving towards Dongola, however sun was going down and we needed to find place to camp overnight. With Terri and Jonny we took small amount of offroading and we found nice bush camping under palm trees (Sudan is sparsely populated, therefore wild camping is much more pleasant; in peaceful atmosphere). In the morning we noticed that actually we were camping on a farmer’ s fields. We saw a guy trying to make a fire. When we got up, the guy came to us and we though that he would tell us to move from his fields, but he just wanted  to lend a lighter. After 10 minutes he came again and he wanted to give  us the lighter back, but we said that he could keep it. The guy was sooo happy…and he only got a lighter…



We were on the road again. In Dongola we bought some fruits and vegetables. They were very expensive, but I am not really surprised as Sudan is basically covered by sand and rocks.

Finally, we drove to Karima. Karima itself is not that interesting, however area around the town is beautiful. There are well-preserved pyramids and temple complex. The entire site, except the Temple of Mut, is totally out of charge. We decided to have a lunch over there.  We explored the place  and came back to Rusty. Then we noticed that Terri and Jonny were coming. They parked and went to see pyramids up-close. Not even 5 minutes and there were back and… sort of chased by a tall guy dressed in white jilaba (not quite sure if that cloth has the same name in Sudan). Because he didn’t speak English communication was …interesting. Our British friends thought that maybe he chased them as he was a guide/guard watching the site and nobody paid him. (He also had some ID – but in Arabic, so there could be written anything ). He was gesticulating and showing on Karima town…We were politely saying:  “We don’t understand what you are saying, we don’t understand Arabic”. And basically we smiled…The guy smiled as well and because Rusty’s sliding door war open he came inside our van and sit down on our bed! Everybody got confused as nobody expected that. Charlie in a very nice way showed him that, actually we were  going in opposite direction than he was pointing and he also added that we were actually in hurry and needed to go now. The guy still didn’t know what we were saying… Finally Charlie also said very slowly (like narrow-minded  tourist)and in English   : “Youuu staayy, wee gooo…. ok?”  The  guy’s face expression was priceless…but he got off Rusty…Terri and Johny got into their car and we got into our. We looked at the guy, smiled, waved to him and drove off. In a side mirror I noticed his confused face and his hand waving back to us. Me and Charlie think, that guy just wanted a lift to Karima or he wanted to offer himself or another  person as a “pyramid guide”…. Don’t really know, don’t think it was about payment as every guide says the site is for free.

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