Sudan Info

Few words about North Sudan in general

  • It is probably the hottest country in the world but we experienced rainy season and needed to dig our Rusty out from the mud twice – ironically in the one of the driest countries ever!
  • Sudan is under Sharia law, so alcohol is not permitted and is not available (they are very strict about that)
  • People in Sudan are very nice and hospitable, plus crime is on a very low rate
  • In terms of photography: You can apply for a special permit in Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, in Khartoum. Nevertheless if you are coming  from North there are places which you want to take photos of anyway like for instance Pyramids f Meroe.  I guess, it is more about not taking pictures of sensitive sites such us bridges, governmental buildings and so on. When we wanted to take photos of people, we were always asking for their permission (in 90% they agreed)
  • From our observation Sudanese women wear either traditional or modest western cloths, however they prefer more colourful attire than we observed in Egypt or Jordan  (there were black jalabiya preferred).
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