Hell’s Gate NP adventure part I

Hell’s Gate National Park is one of those places which are worth a visit! This NP is truly unique – it is not only about visiting, but also experiencing it as people are allowed to walk or cycle unguided across its breadth. Generally walking among grazing zebras and towering giraffes is amazing adventure. Moreover scenery of the park is dramatic – lots of ochre soil and savannah grasses squeezed between looming cliffs of rusty columnar basalt. As a curiosity: Hell’s Gate National Park’s striking scenery has played a role in some movies; the most famous is “Lara Croft Tomb Rider: The Cradle of Life“. We paid $25 per person for a day visit and 500 Kenian Shilings (around $5) Due to the fact that camping inside was nearly as expensive as entrance fee, we decided to find a nice and cheaper place for the night. (I am not quite sure of the name of the camping we stayed, but we both had YMCA name in our heads. That place was inexpensive and not crowded as we were the only people, who were camping there that time).

Next day we were at 6 am at the gate of Hell’s Gate NP. I guess we were the first visitors of the day:) We got surprised by stunning sunrise and we had seen so much game including first giraffes on our way. We were exploring that magnificent place by driving and walking. We also found a perfect spot for lunch with beautiful views. It was supposed to be such an amazing day…

After lunch (around 11 am) we decided to visit more distant areas of the park. We went to sort of remote place, while suddenly Rusty started giving weird noises, which were coming from the bonnet. Charlie stopped as he thought that some long grass or a wee branch got into it, but unfortunately it wasn’t the problem…It was something worse… to be continued

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