Ironically we spend a month in Egypt – almost a week of it was to get  into the country and 2 weeks to get out:P

 Every single overlanding crew has different experience with border crossing between Egypt and Sudan. I have read plenty of Africa overlanding blogs and in comparison to our  adventure I found similarities  and differences  related to the entire process of crossing this difficult border (Even prices for a ferry per passenger were various and I am not talking about taking 1st or 2nd class).

Another issue I want to talk about is: fixer on the border. I have read in many blogs that having a fixer is necessary as you won’t do any paperwork without a professional help! That is not true!!! You can do everything on your own. We did it! True – Fixer will help you and save you lots of stress and probably time, therefore  if you have extra monies to pay for help and you want to save hassles you can do it, but if you are patient and prefer do some cost savings you can do paperwork at the border by yourself. Definitely no speaking in Arabic is not a reason to not to deal with officials on your own at the port or other offices. Fixers are helpful, but they cost money.

Anyway, those are our tips and sort of step by step instruction how to deal on your own hope it would be helpful for some of you, who prefer doing stuff alone:D


ADAM HOME – N24 10,161 E32 51,977

Mohamed Mobile number:  002 001 224 42 17 67 Note: Mohamed is not a fixer, he a very friendly guy, who just can help you in a different way)

NILE NAVIGATION OFFICE :  N 24° 05.949 E32° 53.982 (next to the tourist office in sort of a mall)

Mr Saleh Takourny – the manager of the booking office

Phone no: 002 012 8316 0926


TRAFFIC COURT : N 24° 03.693 E32° 53.153 „Drive south on the Corniche, follow the turn around the Nubian Museum and turn left at the “COOP” (blue sign) petrol station. Follow right and then left.”

TRAFFIC POLICE:  N 24° 05.043 E 32° 54.504 (hectic building)

HIGH DAM PORT: N 23° 58.223 E 32° 53.755

Sudanese Embassy  – I have read that they have recently changed location. Now the place is next to Rudwan Mosque. It is probably the best place of getting Sudanese visa as it’s 50USD (in Cairo it is 100USD and we paid similar in Berlin 80EUR)

Step by step what to do (very short instructions)

1)      Get your Sudanese visa, if if still don’t have it

2)      Friday or the latest Saturday go to Nile Navigation Office and talk to Mr Saleh. Make sure that you will be on the ferry and there is barge also going. Little advice – Show Mr Saleh  respect and be nice to him then he will be respectful to you and also very helpful (Some people didn’t have nice opinions about him, but to us he was very helpful and friendly)

3)      Go to Traffic Court – you will need copy of your passport, driving licence and carnet de passage, plus you need to give them back your Egyptian Driving License (white paper – see the first post about Egypt, you will see an example) Copies can be made in opposite to  the Traffic Court building. In Traffic Court you will also receive a receipt which you need to give in Traffic Police

4)      Go to Traffic Police (next to the big supermarket „Moria”) hand over receipt from Traffic Court and your Egyptian number plates. Someone from Traffic Police will go with you to the Port (escort you)

5)      Then you are going to the High Dam Port (you are paying some little money as a entrance fee to the harbour) you need to stamp out your carnet and put your vehicle on the barge. Try to not hand over your car keys. We somehow we managed to keep them, but many overlanders leave car keys with the barge crew. Remember also that you need copies of your passport and carnet de passage.

And also remember  to take all valuables and useful things with you on the ferry as you don’t know exactly when the barge will dock to Wadi Halfa. Don’t forget your visa photos, they are needed in Sudan:)

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