Park your spaceship at 3340 m above sea level:)

The road back from Lalibela to Addis Ababa – the capital of Ethiopia was really interesting. When we got off the gravel road we needed to stop and increase tyre pressure. Our compressor was very handy, but also very noisy, therefore when we started our procedure lots of kids came running and they were staring at as like on the UFOWe looked for them like Aliens, who just had parked their space-ship in the middle of Ethiopia…The situation was really funny… We finally started waving to them and they somehow got more convinced that we were actually humans, not someone from outer space. At the end,they started coming closer to us, smiling and willingly posing to our camera:)

Little advice for 2WD: reducing pressures in tyres gives you a bit more traction on on corrugated, sandy, muddy, snowy tracks.
Here is the photo of the tyre pressure on different surfaces. We found it useful, so you might use it as well (especially when you get stuck somewhere)

The road to Addis, we took was even more surprising the than road to Kossoye in term of height. We were driving again in the clouds at the 3340 m above sea level.Views were incredible and stunning – as always in Ethiopian’s Highlands

We were camping at the courtyard of a hotel we found in Weldiya and next morning we were driving through beautiful mountains again. We also noticed that the more east we were in Ethiopia, the more accents from Arabic culture we had seen. For instance: we saw mosques again and women who were wearing scarves on heads and in general were more dressed. Additionally, we saw plenty of camels, which mostly were carrying big containers with water:)

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