Bye – bye Ethiopia

We left Turmi, and we were heading to Ethiopian-Kenyan border (Moyale). We stopped in Konso. We thought that we might have stayed there, but campsite we found on our GPS – didn’t exist. There were two places we found, where we could stay – but we decided to drive further (It was too laud and touristy). We only stayed for lunch in Green Hotel, where we ate a really good shekla.

The road from Konso towards Moyale was harsh. But still, that was only a foretaste of what we were supposed to experience later. Lots of gravel roads, stones, dust and when we finally was on tarmac road – plenty of pot holes. Nevertheless, we were still enjoying the landscapes. They were beautiful.

We stayed for the night in a small town (unfortunately, we forgot the name, where we paid for the room only 2 USD). We needed to take a room as they asked us to do so, but actually it was more comfortable to sleep in our Rusty. Generally, people there were more friendly than in more touristy places.

After a day, we finally reached Moyale (that border town has the same name on both sides -Ethipian and Kenyan) We decided to stay on Ethiopian side. We were camping at the Hotel as we remember Yabello Hotel ( new built, on the main road with lion sculptures at the front). The manager of the hotel was really nice – he allowed us to camp on his premises and he exchanged for us some Ethiopian Birrs into Kenyan Shillings. The hotel was really funny. Straw huts had names of famous people – (we parked near Barack Obama hut), and other rooms had names after famous footballers. We also noticed a massive portrait of Barack Obama hanged up on the reception’s wall. At this hotel we also were able to buy 4 yellow (after veggie oils) 20 litters capacity containers (very famous in the whole country). Moyale was the last place where we could buy fuel cheaper than in Kenya or Tanzania. Therefore we fuel the whole tank up and we filled 2 of our new containers with diesel. The other two we filled with water – we wanted to be sure that we were fully prepared for the next 500 km of taught and difficult road in Kenya.

The border:
To get out from Ethiopia didn’t take lots of time. Firstly our passports were stamped out and then all the customs were done. The guy from the Customs checked our car and he was positively surprised seeing familiar yellow containers:) He also checked whether we were leaving with the same amount of electronic devises we declared at the border when we were entering the country.



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