Bull Jumping

Bull Jumping is one of those tribe ceremonies, which are really associated with Hammer people. It is process of whipping, teasing, screaming and a whole lot of leaping, but it is a traditional passage into manhood for young boys. Each naked boy taking part has to leap down the line of (up to) 30 lined up side by side bulls, jumping from back to back. If they fall down, they are whipped and teased by women. If they succeed they need to turn around and repeat the task three times. During the ceremony young women, who are relatives of the boys, beg to be whipped (the deeper scars, the more love they show for their boy).
In some other countries, tribes’ ceremonies are presented and “played” only for tourists, their real significance is gone, but for Hammer people, Bull Jumping is really serious issue. It seems that they are doing all of those things for themselves, they don’t do shows for foreigners, which make those events really authentic.
Bull Jumping as a tourism experience is rather expensive. It cost 400 Birrs per person and Charlie needed to go with the local guide as other way it was difficult to see the ceremony.

This post is more about the photos and hopefully you will enjoy it:)



 Ladies celebration

Preparation for actual bull jumping


Coming back to villages

Short video of the Bull Jumping Ceremony

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