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Hungary is one of the best countries in Europe we have ever been to.
We went to a few places over there as we wanted to visit our two lovely friends. Firstly we were chilling out with Maria at her home in Mezőkövesd and we  went together for a small trip to Egerszelok to see calcium deposits (which looks like mini version of turkish Pamukkale)…Then we moved forward to Budapest to spend some time with Eszter and explore this amazing capital. This city is full of specatular buildings, bridges and other beautiful things to see.
Hungary is also HOT 🙂 it was the hottest country in Europe we were driving thru. And before we left this great country we’ve decided to spend couple of hours in lovely town called Szeged.

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Romania, Bulgaria & Greece

We crossed rest of Europe very quickly. In Romania we found a great place to camp. That was one of the gorges located in the mountains and for us it was like diamond in the rough as it was seemed that only locals knew about this place. The road conditions of western part of Bulgaria suggested that this part of the country is less developed, however Sophia surprised us, as the city looks like modern European capital. We couldn’t resist swimming in the Mediterranean sea, so we stayed in Nothern part of Greece 3 days.

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